Tuesday, April 17, 2012


My First attempt at scrimshaw. I bought Sandra Brady's DVD's and actually paid attention to them. I also used my invention, The "BradyBlok" scrimshaw/bulino workholding fixture. Not too bad for a beginner.


  1. What material did you do this on? It's beautiful.

    1. Shirley, thanks for the kudos! It really is my first time at scrimshaw---however, I do have a huge advantage: I am a certified master engraver with over 32 years experience cutting metal (and some if it was pretty darned hard, too!)
      This material is called "Corian".

  2. Nicely done! Where did you find your corian, and what are you using as an adhesive for the "Brady Block"? Sandra is a wonderful artist, I'm so glad she has shared her techniques on the DVD.

  3. Thanks amp. Believe it or not, but the corian was given to me about 10 years ago by a friend and I really had no use for it. I just stowed it in a drawer of my tool chest and came across it about the time I was getting interested in scrim. It is stuck to the BradyBlok with Duct Seal.