Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Time to launch...and it's free (for now)

Hi friends! I've been chipping away at the idea of an on-line magazine for a while and decided that it's time to launch it.
FWIT...this is not a forum. There's no way I'm even going to try to horn in on this territory. You guys already got that figured out. This is different.
I have some HUGE sponsors that promise to promote this on a global level and I am encouraging anyone that is interested to drop me a line and see if you have a good story to tell.
Who knows? This may be the place where the world finds you.
Being the only contributing writer, you'll find the content is rather thin at the moment, but you gotta start somewhere,right? (and frankly, my wife is SOoooo tired about hearing me go on and on about this project, I either have to give it a shot or shut it up.)
There's a good chance that this just isn't a worthy endeavour, and it may wither on the vine. Time will tell.
I have several articles in the works as we speak.
Here's a little teaser that will soon be posted on "The Engravers Notebook"..."Knowing you are losing on this job will not inspire you to do your best work on it. In fact, you are more likely to give the other side the “Bum’s Rush” just to get it out.
The flip side to this argument is not knowing if you are making money…an even worse situation.
There’s almost nothing less inspiring than finding out you lost your shirt after the job was done. You realize that you just gave away hard earned money. That customer became your favorite charity for the length of time you spent on his gun, knife, ring, whatever."

I'll see ya' down the road on this one.
"The Engravers Notebook"

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